President Maduro denounced international campaign against Venezuela

Hace 3 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced an international campaign forged by different means of communication against the nation, in order to justify a foreign intervention.

“In the Italian public television they make a disgusting, filthy campaign against the people of Venezuela, against our dignity, to justify an imperialist intervention in Venezuela, allegedly for humanitarian reasons. What they want is (our) oil, and since they can not intervene vulgarly, they invent a humanitarian crisis, along with the bandits of the internal opposition”.

“Last year they put 3,800 news classified as negative (…) the news agencies that lead the global campaign against Venezuela are Reuters, AP agency, the AFP agency, and the EFE agency of Spain (…) (they) want to end the Bolivarian Revolution that is an example of anti-neoliberal dignity. A 60% of their news are negative”, he denounced.

The Head of State said that in the face of these attacks, Venezuela remains firm, and will not be intervened by anyone nor anything.

“Venezuela is not to be touched by a gringo, Venezuela is a sacred land of liberators, a land of dignity. Venezuela belongs to all Venezuelan men and women”.

During a work journey with community doctors at Miraflores Palace, he highlighted that there is one community doctor for every 200 families, more than 30,000 doctors of preventive, family and community medicine, 15,600 ambulatory health centers in the same number of communities, as well as as the attention of 115 million patients by the Barrio Adentro mission health system.