President Maduro celebrates 62 years of the birth of Commander Chavez

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, celebrated the 62 years of the birth of Commander Chavez ensuring that the people ratifies the commitment to build the Homeland he dreamed.

In this message, posted on his account on the Facebook social network, President Nicolas Maduro used the hashtag #ChavezEsPuebloEnBatalla, which from the early hours of this Thursday, July 28, has positioned as a trend on the social networks.

The Head of State also paid tribute to Commander Chavez, maximum referent of the Bolivarian Revolution, through his account on the Twitter social network, @NicolasMaduro, where he expressed that, together with the peoples of the world are celebrating the 62 years of life and say The Homeland Continues!

Nicolas Maduro
“Today we celebrate with the Peoples of the World 62 years of Life of Commander Hugo Chavez … and we say ¡The Homeland Continues!! …”
00:55 – 28 July 2016

Nicolas Maduro
“We go every day Birthing and Rebirthing from your immortal spirit, clinging to the love and loyalty you sow ..”
00:36 – 28 July 2016

Hugo Chavez Frias was born on July 28, 1954 in Sabaneta de Barinas. On February 4, 1992 the Venezuelan people knew about him when he assumed the responsibility for the military rebellion against then President Carlos Andres Perez and the neoliberal policies implemented by force in Venezuela; and from that moment on he became a benchmark of dignity. In 1998 he was elected as President and held this post until his death in 2013. During his Presidency he made profound changes in the political agenda of the country, transforming the Venezuelan society in a path on which was assumed the independent, sovereign, anti-imperialist and socialist character of the country.