President Maduro called to guarantee peace in Venezuela

Hace 2 años.

Nicolas Maduro, President of the Republic, called on Tuesday to the entire Venezuelan people to ensure that peace prevails in Venezuela.

“I call on you to have infinite faith in the values of the people and go to meet the values every day in the work,” he said.

The Head of State, during the broadcast of “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro) stressed that the Bolivarian Government remains active to “further improve all the things we are doing, in order to have on this semester a great political, spiritual, human, victory of faith in the country, and being able to say I believe in Venezuela, I believe in my country, and in this revolutionary project”.

He explained that Venezuelans have a great Constitution, a political power, the will and spirit to not let the fascist sectors advance any more, “So that in Venezuela is imposed the revolutionary project, the peace, and the first thing that must go forward is the spirit , will and faith in oneself”.

The President invited all leaders of the country to believe in the values of the people and to maintain a positive mood in any circumstance.

Likewise, the President reiterated that relations of solidarity and cooperation with the countries of Petrocaribe and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas – Treaty of Commerce of the People (ALBA-TCP) remain firm, despite the plans for their disintegration that are promoted by the Venezuelan right wing.

He denounced that the right wing that holds a majority in the National Assembly, promotes an unconstitutional, anti-caribbean, anti-Bolivarian and anti-latin-american law project.

He stressed that the nations of Latin America can not be disturbed, and therefore we must go forward and face the pretensions by the right wing and the project they seek to impose on the world.