President Maduro called on the prosecutor to do justice to violent acts

Hace 10 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, on Sunday called on Attorney Luisa Ortega Diaz to attend her work and do justice against the “guarimberos” (rioters), the violent and terrorists.

“I make this call to you, put your batteries on and do justice, the people demands justice”, said the Head of State during the swearing in of the “Somos Venezuela” (We Are Venezuela) movement, held in the Poliedro de Caracas.

He stressed that recently the prosecutor went to the Supreme Court of Justice to file an appeal against the National Constituent Assembly, and said he welcomed the fact that the prosecutor “has gone to recognize the absolute legitimacy of the Supreme Court of Justice and has become the leader of Opinion of the sectors opposed to the ANC “.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Luisa Ortega Díaz, continue doing so, you’ re doing well, I respect your opinion, however, along with the great majorities of the patriotic people who love this country, we do not share it”, he said, exemplifying that: “A strong demonstration is that in a first journey have pre-registered (for the National Constituent Assembly) more than 52,000 pre-candidate men and women”, which is “a record for any election in Venezuela”.

He added that those who oppose the Constituent process, do so with the intention of hijacking the sovereignty and power from the people.

“There is not in this country something more democratic than the exercise of the Popular Constituent Power. Those who oppose the popular constituent process want to hijack the sovereignty and power from the people. Instead, I have convened for an Assembly in order to give all the political power to the People of Venezuela, to activate a great dialogue, to activate new mechanismss of justice against the terrorists, the “Guarimberos” and to build true freedom”, he said.

Finally, he urged the Venezuelan people to close ranks and support the labour of necessary protection done by the Bolivarian National Guard in the streets, as a safeguard against the calls made by the opposition to destabilize the country, through violence and vandalism.