President Maduro approves activation of the Special Constituent Front

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, approved on Wednesday night the proposal of the Constituents who participated in the National Constituent Assembly 17 years ago at the request of Commander Chavez, to activate all its Members as a Special Front of actions and support to the Bolivarian Government, and in defense of the Constitution and the Republic.

“From this very moment we activate all the constituents on their inherent duties as guardians of the Constitution and the people’s rights, the Independence and Peace of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” said the Head of State.

He explained that the Constitution is in full development, “It is a before and after 1999, and the Constitutional process has matured the political, institutional, legal conditions, this republic was not a concession, and therefore we must defend this conquest in the streets with strength, unity, joy and the spirit of the future. ”

The President added that the independence of Venezuela is in full development and therefore he called on the Venezuelans to continue this defense with passion and truth, “We must defend the Constitution because the oligarchy has plans to destroy it.”

“The best way to defend is to make comply the Constitution, the best way to do it is to build labor, civil, political rights, is to build participatory democracy every day, is to get into the community, in the neighborhoods, on the bases, it is to accompany the people, that is the essence of the participatory democracy, to be with the people. “