Pre-sales of Petro began with 4,777 million yuan

Hace 4 semanas.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Tuesday that in the first hours of the Petro pre-sale has been achieved the purchase intention of 4,777 million yuan, which means 596 million euros and 735 million of dollars.

“Venezuela is at the vanguard of crypto-currencies, is in the technological and economic vanguard, we have taken a gigantic leap of the 21st century”, expressed the National President from Miraflores Palace.

He stressed that the Venezuelan cryptocurrency is the only one whose value is backed by real assets: “Many have tried, but only the tenacity and determination of the Bolivarian Government that I preside has achieved it. The Petro demonstrates more than ever that together everything is possible”, he said.

“This is a currency at the service of all Venezuelan men and women to overcome the speculation of international currencies that affect the economic and financial life in a criminal manner”, he said.

He said that the National Government has delivered to the Petro the amount of 5 billion barrels of oil from Field No. 1 of the Ayacucho Block. “It’s Black Gold.”