Political organizations accepted call to dialogue on Constituent

Hace 10 meses.

Bandera Roja, JOVEN, Movimiento Ciudadano por el Campo, Juan Bimba, Democracia Republicana, Movimiento Republicano, Poder Laboral, Resistencia Civil, UPP 89, Democracia Renovadora, MAS, Pro Comunidad Lápiz, Unidad Democracia Renovadora,, the Ecological Movement and the PIEDRA Party are some of the 17 political organizations that participate in the meeting convened for Monday by the Presidential Commission for the Constituent Assembly.

Elías Jaua, President of the Presidential Commission, from Miraflores Palace where the meeting takes place, recalled that the invitation to this meeting was made to all the political parties that make life in the country, both those grouped in the (Right wing) Democratic Unity Board, as well as the organizations outside this partisan alliance.

“They remain open, and there are the seats for all political organizations who want to come to hear firsthand and officially the reasons why President Nicolás Maduro has taken the initiative to convene a National Constituent Assembly. The doors of the Miraflores Palace are open and thus was instructed by the President of the Republic. ”

Jaua reiterated the call to dialogue to the spokesmen of the parties grouped in the MUD, whom he invited again to “talk among Venezuelans and Venezuelans as brothers and sisters. We have deep differences, but we are obliged to bequeath to our children a Venezuela in peace and the path is that of dialogue “.