Political dialogue between Government and opposition advances in a positive way

Hace 5 meses.

The political dialogue between representatives of the Bolivarian Government and the opposition in the Dominican Republic is advancing in a positive way, said PSUV leader Roy Daza.

“In the Dominican Republic are being reached agreements (…) in the face of regional and municipal elections (…) and, on the other hand, the urgent need to generate agreements on economy”.

During an interview in the “En La Palestra” (At the board) program, broadcast by RNV Informative Channel, he emphasized that between the parties there has been no failure, but moments of discordance.

He affirmed that the strategies of the opposition have failed during the last months, in which they have not crystallized their interventionist objectives against Venezuela.

“The 3 strategies implemented by the opposition have ended overwhelmingly. The “guarimba” (riots) failed with 115 deaths, secondly, the diplomatic siege they have tried and which have not made concrete, and on the other hand, the financial blockade that was legalized but was being put into practice since 2016″, he said.

Daza highlighted the work of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, who, along with Chancellor Jorge Arreaza, succeeded in bringing the truth of the Homeland of Bolivar to the peoples of the world, leaving behind the macabre plans of the opposition against the National sovereignty.

He criticized the actions of some representatives of the right wing by not handling with base the information that has been generated on the process of political dialogue.

“It is not possible that an opposition leader does not have the necessary information about the meeting in Santo Domingo … they try to avoid resolving the contradiction between a speech that until a few weeks ago was that of a deadline, of a popular uprising, a coup d’ etat, the paralization of a country, and a few days later it is “vote for me in the regional elections”.

He stressed that the political reality of the country has changed since the arrival of the National Constituent Assembly.

“The political situation of the country has changed and the realities from now on are a guarantee that the electoral agenda develops, together with the agreements with the opposition, and the progress of the economic issue … the path of dialogue between the Government and the (opposition’s) MUD, because that is useful for the life of the country life and for democracy”.

He added that the National Constituent Assembly will speedily approve the economic resolutions presented by the Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, in order to contribute to the financial stability of the Republic.