PM will deploy 884 prosecutors to ensure the right to vote

Hace 3 meses.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, announced on Wednesday that for this Sunday, December 10, a date when will be held the municipal elections, 884 prosecutors will be deployed throughout the territory to ensure the proper development of the exercise of the vote as a human right.

During the deployment of the Republic Plan, he explained that the officials will be located in 96 procedural points, in addition to being activated 18 prosecutors with national competence and a multidisciplinary team to guarantee throughout the process the full operation of the situational room installed in the Public Ministry.

He explained that for the Public Prosecutor’s Office it is a point of honor to work in a fraternal manner with all the organs that make up this electoral feast.

“We have assumed this immense, articulated and democratic deployment operation of the Republic Plan for national peace,” he added.

For this Sunday will also be activated the 0800FICAS-00 (0800-34722-00) hotline, through which will be received denounces.