Piñate: MUD Plan is not a revoking referendum, but a coup d’etat

Hace 2 años.

The executive secretary of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Eduardo Piñate, said on Monday that during the process of signatures verification that is being carried out by the National Electoral Council (CNE), where the PSUV participates as a witness, have already been detected a set of serial signatures.

Interviewed by a private television channel, Piñate pointed out that the revoking referendum has not yet been activated and indicated that the true intention of the opposition is not going to the polls, but to give a coup d’ etat to President Nicolas Maduro.

“If they (the opposition) were interested in solving the problem they would have started the process last year and not at the end of April this year, however, we know the pitfalls they do, that is why President Maduro has asked us to review by the CNE of these signatures”, he said.

He also indicated that the revolutionary ranks are not afraid of a possible recall referendum at the same time stressed that the most important thing for the country is to solve the current economic situation by the hand of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda.

As for the visit of a Vatican representative to the country, Piñate greeted that decision of the pope and said “the Pope has always been interested in solving the problems of Venezuela”.