Pdvsa and Statoil evaluated development of joint oil projects

Hace 5 meses.

On Tuesday, the Minister for Oil, Eulogio Del Pino, held a work meeting with representatives of Norway’s state oil company Statoil in which they reviewed the agenda for joint hydrocarbon projects.

At this meeting, which took place from the facilities of the PDVSA MinPetleo Complex, La Campiña in Caracas, are participating Al Cook, Vice President of Statoil, and Luisa Cipolliti, Statoil Business and Development Manager in Venezuela.

The holder of the oil portfolio of Venezuela stressed that during this meeting with representatives of the Norwegian oil company, was shown their great interest in the certification of gas reserves held by Venezuela, offshore.

Statoil executives proposed sharing experiences acquired in Russia where state-owned company Norway is a partner of Rosneft. There, it has been possible to develop a high level of cooperation for the development of the joint projects of these companies and the idea would be to transfer that knowledge to Venezuela.

Since 2008, Statoil has a 25-year shareholding in the Petrocedeño joint-venture, made up of Venezuelan state-owned PDVSA (60%), France’s Total (30.3%) and Norway’s Statoil (9.7%), whose core activity is the extraction and improvement of extra-heavy crude oil from the Junín Division, south of Anzoátegui state, attached to the Executive Directorate of Production of the ” Hugo Chávez” Orinoco Oil Strip.

Once again is demonstrated the trust that have in Venezuela international partners and investors, world class, who have ample operational and financial experience in the field of hydrocarbons.