Paramilitarized Criminal Gangs occupy important spaces in Miranda state

Hace 2 años.

Nicolas Maduro, President of the Republic, reiterated on Monday night that the Bolivarian Revolution faces a war of an unconventional character, “These are the wars of these historical times that the US imperialism imposes on the people.

Speaking at the Homeland Congress, chapter of the Military Active Reserve, he said that the American empire seeks to stop the peoples, to push them back, to neutralize them, so that no one arises in this world and end the projects that can generate hope in humanity.

In that regard, he urged the military academies and the Bolivarian Military University to study much more about this topic to neutralize all the effects of unconventional warfare. “Every day we must insist on the defense of the truth.”

From the Theatre of the Ministry for Defense in Caracas, the Head of State said he has no doubt that the Paramilitarized criminal gangs (BCP) have emerged as part of the unconventional warfare. “They have emerged as a result of a process of articulation of an internal force in order to break off and kill the Venezuelan society from within”.

He noted that the BCP have occupied important places such as Miranda, a state where reign the most widespread Paramilitarized Criminal Gangs in the country, besides having triple the crime rates such as killings, kidnappings and assassinations.