Padrino López: We will face anything that distorts access to staple products

Hace 2 años.

The Minister of People’s Power for Defense, General-in-Chief Vladimir Padrino López, confirmed on Monday that the strategic goal of the Great Mission Sovereign Supply in a civil-military union, is to govern the production system and the distribution system which have specifically affected to harm the people, through the unconventional warfare that causes distortion in the access to staple products.

“We are being sieged by the financial, psychological, media, crime international route, but they are focusing their attention on the economy of Venezuela, causing major distortions, and we have set from this great command, to be finding the main nodes and to go facing everything that deviates from the origin to the distribution point”, said Padrino Lopez.

He also said he is “very optimistic” about what has already begun to see in the civilian-military team that is working all throughout the country.

“In here we have no choice but to get the victory, and that victory we will achieve together, confronting all the methodologies of unconventional warfare,” said the minister.