Opposition targets minors to commit vandalism acts

Hace 9 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, condemned on Thursday that spokespersons from extremist opposition sectors target minors to join violent groups that carry out vandalism and terrorist acts as part of a coup d’ etat plot.

In a joint radio and television broadcast, the Head of State lamented the death of Neomar Alejandro Lander Armas, who died on Wednesday after handling a homemade mortar during a demonstration convened by opposition sectors in the Chacao municipality of Miranda state.

“He was a 17-year-old boy who had been targeted for months by violent opposition groups in Altamira Square”, he said during an act of delivery of entitlements and social benefits to workers of the Ministry of Education from the Teresa Carreño Theater.

Lander Armas “was used illegally for acts of violence, of attack, arsoning, destruction, they have targeted children and youth, Is that legitimate? Is that ethical?” Asked the President, who said that “these young people have been targeted by them and they trained them to use homemade weapons for violence”.

In this regard, he recalled that a member of the clashes on Wednesday pointed to deputy Miguel Pizarro, a spokesman for the right-wing party Primero Justicia, as one of the agents recruiting people to lead violent groups.

The President said that this responds to “a campaign of infamy, hate and lies that goes to Venezuela and the world to justify a coup d’ etat, to justify an intervention, an imperialist one, to divide the country and now, without any doubt , To cause a commotion that justifies a great treason that intends to stop the National Constituent Assembly”.

For this reason, the President emphasized the efforts made by State institutions to ensure justice against this violent scenario that is generated in some parts of the country.

“Sooner than later in Venezuela there will be justice and we will know all the truth, truth,, justice, reparation of victims to achieve peace, reunification, we will know the whole truth”, he emphasized, and reiterated that the Constituent process is a tool to empower the people and engage in a national dialogue with all sectors.