Opposition seeks to impose their political agenda on the table of dialogue

Hace 1 año.

The Deputy by the Homeland Bloc, Angel Rodriguez, said that the opposition intends to impose a blackmail on the Government to remain in the dialogue table, because they refuse to sit again without the commitment of President Nicolas Maduro to accept submissively all their terms.

“The idea of bringing together both blocs is not to yield to the political pretensions of the adversaries of the Revolution. The talks seek to ensure respect for the Constitution, as well as peace and harmony among Venezuelans, since there are radical sectors of the MUD committed to create violence and carry out a coup d’ etat”.

The parliamentarian stressed the Voluntad Popular, Primero Justicoa, Acción Democratica, Copei, Alianza Bravo Pueblo, among other (right wing) political parties, want to simulate the rupture of the constitutional order, so that the Organization of American States would apply sanctions that would affect the quality of life of the Venezuelans.

“They promoted the attacks of the triple alliance in Mercosur against the country, regardless of the negative consequences that would have such actions on the migrants who have settled in these nations or on the commercial transactions that are done within the framework of the block “.

Deputy Rodriguez said that Pope Francis had to issue an official statement to clarify that the role of the church in dialogue in Venezuela is that of mediation, because the adversaries of President Nicolás Maduro want the representatives of the Holy See to become intermediaries of their interests.

“The response of the highest hierarch of the church occurred before the manipulations of several spokesmen of the MUD. The General Secretary of the MUD, “Chúo” Torrealba, usually speaks in the name of the maximum Catholic hierarchy, as if they were his ventriloquist. Without any success, they have tried to misrepresent the Vatican’s position on Venezuela. ”

He made a calle on the opposition to stop harassing their followers into the path of chaos, because the people want democratic solutions framed in the laws.