Opposition manages single agenda to fill Venezuela with violence, revealed Maduro

Hace 2 años.

The Venezuelan opposition manages a single agenda of violence in order to justify an international intervention, as revealed in a joint radio and television broadcast the Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, during a public act of the Social Missions, held at the Miraflores Palace.

This would be -as he detailed- made up of three lines of action: political violence, with street demonstrations in order to generate confrontations; criminal violence, starring criminal Para-militarized gangs (BCP), and “bachaquera” (hoarding-usury) violence, which aims to undermine the Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP) in the communities across the country.

“There is sufficient room in the prisons for all the right wing provocateurs and to put the hooks on them, whatever they may be called”, said the President.

He noted that this agenda, along with the abandonment of the dialogue table with the UNASUR and the former Presidents, sign the way to generate a social terrain to justify the activation of the Inter-American Democratic Charter and, along with it, the military intervention in the nation.

“Ramos Allup uses his power to promote violence, I condemn violence in all its forms, today, tomorrow and forever; I want a country of peace and for the people to ensure this (…) You were taking the wrong path, Allup, and the people will give you once again a lesson and will overthrow your fascist plans”, he said.

Following, this, He condemned the racist statements by the President of the National Assembly and demanded him to apologize to the citizens.