Opposition abandoned politics and put its expectations into foreign factors

Hace 8 meses.

The opposition has put all its forces and expectations into external factors and has abandoned the field of politics, said on Sunday the vice president for Territorial Socialism, Aristóbulo Istúriz.

“I think they have made a serious mistake, because they have abandoned the field of politics and have assumed the field of violence, of weapons, destruction, of death”, he emphasized during his participation in an interview in the “José Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today) program, broadcast by Televen.

In his view, since the opposition has not found in the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) the support to execute a coup d’ etat, they are betting on a military interference against the country. “There will never be a coup d’ etat without the Armed Forces, that is why they do not think about the Venezuelan military, but rather in the United States’s Southern Command, in the NATO. The emptyness of not having an armed force, that is why they look for foreign forces”, he warned.

He also accused the spokesman of the Primero Justicia (PJ) party and President of the Parliament, Julio Borges, of requesting an intervention against Venezuela, in what represents a crime of treason to the Homeland, something that, as he expressed, must be very typified with the Constituent.

Istúriz denounced that some sectors of the opposition have established a political practice that was not common in the country: Terrorism; and have promoted fascism as an expression of relationship in society.

Regarding the National Constituent Assembly, he assured that it will be a citizen instance, where dialogue and debate will be promoted, in order to lead the country to a prosperous and peaceful future.