Only in Revolution! Maduro unveiled milestone of the 1,400,000th housing

Hace 1 año.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, on Thursday unveiled the milestone of the housing number 1,400,000 of the Grand Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV) in Ciudad Bicentenario, located in Santa Teresa del Tuy, Miranda state.

In a Radio and Television joint broadcast, the President expressed: “We are reaching 1,400,000 thanks to the workers, thanks to the Venezuelan entreprenurial capacity.”

During the delivery of 256 housings in the urbanism in Miranda state, Maduro said that the National Government unveiled the milestone of the 1.4 million housings. Despite the economic situation caused by the shortfall of 87% in foreign exchange income from the sale of oil .

Earlier, the Head of State highlighted through his account in the Twitter social network @NicolasMaduro that, despite the economic war, the Revolution today reached the goal of 1,400,000 dignified homes delivered thanks to the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV).

Nicolás Maduro
“Only in Revolution is it possible to invest the resources for the Living by Living of the People … Only Socialism Can Make the Homeland of Everyone …”
15:40 – 19 Jan 2017

Nicolás Maduro
“In 2016, revenues in foreign currency fell 87% and we built double the Housings for our People … Doing More with Less … We are Overcoming”
15:42 – 19 Jan 2017