Official Gazette: Supreme Court has jurisdiction to analyze actions of the NA

Hace 2 años.

According to the Official Gazette No. 40,927 published this Monday, the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), has the jurisdiction to investigate actions against the alleged actions, ways of facts and threats of imminent harm emanating from the Chairman and the majority of Deputies who make up the National Assembly (NA).

Likewise, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court has suspended the effects of the parliamentary acts dated May 10 and 31, for considering that the NA has usurped functions of the National Executive power.

“Are observed signs that might show that the legislature has assumed powers that are constitutionally proper to the Executive Power,” said the ruling.

Similarly, it was ordered “to the National Assembly, its Chairman, its Board of Directors and its members, to refrain in general from trying to direct the external relations of the Republic and, in general, from displaying actions that are not covered by the powers that correspond to them under the existing law ordering, and that, on the contrary, are powers unique and exclusive of other branches of the Public Power, under risk of incur on any constitutional responsibility that may be demed, all with special subject to the provisions set in articles 137 and 138 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, according to which “the Constitution and the Law define the powers of the organs exercising the Public Power, to which must be subject any activities undertaken” and ” Every usurped authority is inefficient, and its acts are void and null. “