“No economic war will stop our social plans”

Hace 1 año.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, reflected during the broadcast of his program “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro), on the constant onslaught that is evident in all the productive and economic sectors of the nation, responding that ” the Revolution has not stopped, on the contrary, we have activated new social plans”.

He added that both the educational, cultural, sports, housing, food systems and other programs keep the same quality with which they were born. “Every day they want to demoralize us in order to divide and to weaken us, and for the empire to put its hand on Venezuela and our dignity.”

“We are so passionate that we have become missions into great missions (…) An 80 per cent of educational establishments are public, of quality, free and universal”, he said.

He explained that no destabilizing act will outshine the governance management. “We have just got together with more than 120 countries, it is difficult for a country to say that it guarantees free, universal, quality education, and Venezuela does so”.