New phase of OLP will be aimed at defeating paramilitary criminality

Hace 1 año.

On Wednesday, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that the new phase of the People’s Liberation Operation (OLP) will be aimed at defeating the paramilitarized criminality that has settled in the country.

At an international press conference from Miraflores, Maduro said: “The plan of the 6 lines of action of the Carabobo 2021 security campaign brings a new concept of the OLP: The Humanitarian-Humanist OLPs, because since their birth they have sought to free the people from the criminal gangs that affect us all. ”

“The errors that may have existed are in the hands of the courts, of the Prosecutor’s Office, of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Courts, and I am the first one to collaborate in any investigation of any abuse that may have existed. There has not been a complaint that has not been punished”, he emphasized.