MP proposes the creation of 4 new laws for the protection of Human Rights

Hace 4 semanas.

The Attorney General of the Republic, during the presentation of his management report, extended to the National Constituent Assembly the proposal to create 4 new laws guaranteeing human rights in terms of animal protection, corporate responsibility, persons with disabilities and protection of peasants victims of hired killers.

During his speech he said that it is necessary to punish anyone who attempts against life:

“We deliver to the President of the National Constituent Assembly this proposal of Law for the protection of animals, against acts of abuse, this Law has to do with wildlife, the environment, and other living beings, which have been violated by transnational corporations”, sentenced Saab.

From the spaces of the Federal Legislative Palace, the Prosecutor added that they also propose the creation of an Organic Law for Persons with Disabilities and a special Law for the Protection of peasants, peasants, family members and victims of hired killers and serious violence against human rights.

“They are our brothers, compatriots, who have been persecuted by the big landowners, before and now, and we must stop this ignominy”, said the Attorney General.

Penitentiary system for corrupts:

The Prosecutor during his presentation of the management report also proposed the creation of a penitentiary system for those convicted of embezzlement of the nation, as promoters of corruption schemes against the oil industry.

“It is time to create a penitentiary system exclusively for people who, committing a crime worse than drug trafficking, worse than the violation of human rights, because it is the social body that allows to have the riches to give back in social programs to the country They have embezzled the nation. There should be jails or places of confinement exclusively for these issues”, he added.

He added that the investigations are just beginning; and the results have been evident:

“We have barely known the tip of the iceberg and there are many other plots that have to do not only with the public administration, but corruption in private companies”, he said.