More health and housing! Dollars from oil will be invested in the people

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, manifested on Wednesday that the foreign currencies entering the country from oil revenues, will keep being invested in the people and the social area, despite the downfall that has suffered crude oil this year, compared to previous ones.

“In a month of these years with the wind in our favor, were easy entering 3 thousand, 3,500 million for imports and investments, for the first time the oil dollar came to the people turned into housings, life, health; but now for an instance, in January this year entered $ 77 million, and still, biting the bullet, we kept still working, this has not stopped anything, nor is going to stop”, stressed the Head of State from the National Pantheon, where was carried out an activity in rejection of the Executive Order by Barack Obama.

He explained that in February entered the country 7 million less compared to the previous month, ie 70 million, “Right now we recovered oil a bit with the announcements we made with Russia, Saudi Arabia, and managed to stop the plummeting that brought it to almost 20, right now it rose a little bit more and is at 29, but it is still very low, however, we will continue to invest in the economic development of the country with the 14 engines and the people.