Mission Alimentation and AgroVenezuela fuse and incorporate into the GMAS

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, announced the addition of Mission Alimentation and the Great Mission AgroVenezuela to the Great Mission Sovereign Supply (GMAS), which will enhance the Venezuelan State’s response to the Economic War and the Unconventional Warfare that is attacking Venezuela.

“We are collecting the best of what was created by Commander Chavez at different stages of the Revolution to be assumed as part of the Great Mission Sovereign Supply,” said the National Chief from Miraflores, where on Monday he chaired the work meeting of the Vice Presidency of Productive Economy and the Single Civil-Military Command, to follow up on the results of the 6 first days of the launching of the GMAS.

“This is about Missions Alimentation and AgroVenezuela, which will now join, merge, incorporate to the Great Mission Sovereign Supply with all its capacity for work, with all their advances, and I also say, with all their challenges”, said Maduro.

He commented that the importance and power that has accumulated the Great Mission AgroVenezuela, the agro-Venezuelans, peasants and cooperative movements, that will allow to guarantee seeds, spare parts and financing within the new system.

The Head of State informed that soon he will announce a great productive investment to entrepreneurs and sectors of the domestic production sectors with some economic resources that the Republic has succeeded to get. “I have some resources that will be wonderful at the union of the Great Mission AgroVenezuela and Mission Alimentation in this wonderful challenge of this stage that is the Great Mission Sovereign Supply”.