Minister Varela: Penitentiary system has helped reduce crime rates

Hace 2 años.

The Minister for Penitentiary Services, Iris Varela, assured on Sunday that what the Government has achieved on penitentiary matters has contributed to reduce crime rates in the country.

“What we have achieved in penitentiary matters has contributed to reduce crime rates,” she said while participating in the “Jose Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today) program, broadcast by Televen.

Varela recalled that the revolutionary process, which started in 1999, received a deplorable penitentiary system which violated the human rights of prisoners in the country, a scenario which was transformed with the policy of humanization of these spaces, promoted by Hugo Chavez.

“We inherited a very deplorable penitentiary system, where the human rights of prisoners were really being violated”, she said, at the same time she released some figures that confirm the achievements in Revolution.

“Here we have created a new penitentiary regime (…) which we had not, a new regime that we have made adequate, and which is being complied with (…) we reached a 90% and this is clearly demonstrable (…) I can show you 79 spaces which we have intervened since July 26, 2011 when the ministry was created, until today (…) There have been 70 prisons where anyone can go and verify what I say”, she said.

She also added, that in Tachira and Merida the penitentiary system has a 100% regime (…) and when I say the entire state is because in those two states I am in charge of the responsibility for adolescents in conflict with the criminal law (…) something more complex than the situations found in the country’s prisons”, Regarding the female penitentiaries, she mentioned: “All the women’s prisons in the country have a 100% regime (…) and all adolescents belonging to the ministry have a 100% regime. “