Minister Padrino López ratifies State’s respect for human rights

Hace 8 meses.

The Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, reiterated on Tuesday that the State prioritizes respect for human rights during the restitution of public order altered during the street actions convened by opposition sectors.

In that sense, during a conversation in Fort Tiuna, he emphasized that on this principle is based the action of the National Bolivarian Guard (GNB). “Anyone who departs from the line of the State, from the pre-eminence of respect for Human Rights, and who behaves not as a professional, then has to assume responsibility”, he said in a VTV broadcast.

Likewise, he also condemned any disproportionate force during this activities.

On other occasions, Padrino López has reiterated the commitment of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces to the defense of peace and security of the people, under the principles of respect for human rights established in the Constitution of the Republic, adequate training of those Military officers who carry out public order tasks and the preservation of military dignity and honor.

In any circumstance involving the use of force by the FANB in excessive use of force, the State has implemented the relevant measures.