Minister Adán Chávez: The Cultural Revolution is the task

Hace 1 año.

“A Cultural Revolution, a revolution of the conscience, the revolution that has to end up  rescuing values, the new culture of work, to continue strengthening the awareness of the social duty”, said this Thursday the Minister of People’s Power for Culture, Adán Chávez .

From Miraflores Palace in Caracas, in the framework of the celebration of 18 years of the arrival of President Hugo Chavez to the Presidency, the minister recalled the words of the leader of the Revolution: “We have to create awareness where there is not, and strengthen it where it already exists, Chavez referred to the conscience of social duty, precisely to the rescue of values, that new consciousness, the Bolivarian conscience”, he said.

“It is about studying, to debate, to spread our culture everywhere. It’s a Cultural Revolution, that’s the task, the commitment”, said Chavez.