Menéndez: Those who want an intervention can not participate in the Homeland Plan

Hace 3 meses.

Ricardo Menéndez, Minister and Vice President for Planning, assured on Tuesday that sectors of the opposition that have attempted against the nation seeking for an international intervention must not participate in the national consultation for the 2019-2025 Homeland Plan.

“The Homeland Plan is constituted so that all the society participates, this is a Plan that seeks to stabilize the peace of the Republic, we aspire that peace from the political leads to economic peace, (…) this has led us to work in the de-conolonization, and for that there is a premise: anyone who does not want the country, the one who wants an intervention, an economic blockade, is not within the Homeland Plan, to have a Homeland there must be sovereignty, independence”, he added

At a press conference, Menéndez stressed that every juncture and historical moment has a contradiction to resolve: “The fundamental one on this occasion was not put by us, but by the interventionist “guarimbas” (riots), the Obama decree of aggression against Venezuela, the Pincer Operation with Guyana and Colombia against our country, the opposition that sought for an intervention and the sanctions of Donald Trump”, he added.

The Minister called on the opposition leaders to have a little love for the land that saw them being born, in reference to the constant calls to destabilize and intervene the nation.

“Our people must know what are the effects of the economic and financial intervention of Donald Trump (…) part of the payment of raw material for the production of wheat, the payments of ships fall into financial accounts that are blocked and can not be made office, the same happens in the case of drugs that have been blocked, and that blockade was requested by the National Assembly”.

He added that the Bolivarian Government, in response to each attack of the interventionist plan, has remained firm in the defense of the territory, independence and sovereignty promoted by Hugo Chávez.