Menendez: China and Venezuela strengthen relationships beyond the economy

Hace 2 años.

The Vice President for Planning, Ricardo Menendez, explained on Monday to the Telesur TV station  that Venezuela does not maintain a business relationship with China, but a comprehensive strategic alliance.

He added that at the bilateral meeting the two countries held in order to review the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, it was assumed that “under any circumstances will always be together China and Venezuela”.

Likewise, he explained that the route of China arises from the material and financial bases, of the construction of socialism, which focuses on the eco-socialism and geopolitics scopes, and it is in this latest point where the Asian giant gets involved.

“With China we have a strategic alliance, not only at a financial level”, he said, while explaining that the country maintains trade relations with other nations, without compromising its sovereignty.

Menendez described that the Venezuelan high level delegation held meetings with representatives of that Asian nation, to encourage investments in the 14 strategic motors that will diversify the economy within the framework of the agenda promoted by Nicolas Maduro.

He further explained that beyond the financial issue, this is about the technology transfer between the two nations. “When we see a child with his Canaimita laptop computer, there is the alliance with China.”