Members of the “Board of Unity” execute destabilization actions at TSJ headquarters

Hace 2 años.

The headquarters of the Supreme Court and its members came under siege by deputies in the National Assembly, representing the organization with political purposes “Board of Unity” and by people who identified themselves as supporters of the “Voluntad Popular” (people’s will) political party, incurring flagrantly in possible illicit facts of public action.

The deputies to the National Assembly by the “Board of Unity”: Sergio de Jesus Vergara González, Desiree Virginia Barboza Acosta and Gaby Andreina Arellano, who were accompanied by lawyers Hector Andres Fuentes Curras and Mildred Carolina Manrique Rojas, with the allegation of filing a writ of legal protection in the Supreme court, entered the premises of the Constitutional Chamber of the highest judicial body, and once there, besides making the aforementioned procedural action and although at all times were given attention and a proper response, they settled in an illegitimate manner in its spaces, for taking unauthorized photographs, to spread false news through the social networks, to disclose an alleged hunger strike and making threats if there was not given immediate freedom to the judicially processed Gilberto Sojo, Renzo Prieto and Rosmit Mantilla, who were elected as supplementary deputies when their judiciary trials were underway for the commission of crimes that previously were imputed to them.

Such actions of the Deputies by the Board of Unity attempts against the constitutional order, were executed in order to cause unrest and to impose the release of detained citizens, who are being tried on charges of disturbing public order, illicit manufacture of weapons in the form of explosives, arson, obstruction of public roads, conspiracy and other actions that are typified, among other laws, the Organic Law against Organized Crime and Terrorism Financing, executed during 2014.

The Courts of the Republic know every one of the causes that occur to them and are illegitimate pressures that seek exercised the judiciary, designed to force making a decision in favor of groups, parties or sectors of any kind, since it is decided in accordance with what has been evidenced and credited in legalities, taking into account the constitutional and legal parameters prevailing in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.