Maryclen Stelling: National dialogue guarantees social stability in the country

Hace 1 año.

Sociologist Maryclen Stelling said that political sectors should think about the social stability of the Venezuelan population and talk about “the people, if you change that chip of “enemy and adversary” we can solve many problems.”

Speaking during an interview on the program “La Pauta de Hoy” (Today’s Schedule), broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, Stelling said that “while the opposition has been fractured in this first stage of dialogue, the Government has compacted, and I feel that this chavista muscle has awakened in the feeling, in the manifestations “.

He explained that in the opposition there are many weaknesses because of the lack of connection with the needs of the population. “The people have to feel that their political leadership is thought in the country, in the citizenship and not in destroying to the contrary”.

He pointed out that in the second stage of the national dialogue both political groups that make life in Venezuela should sit down to dialogue but leaving aside individual interests.

In the meantime, he stressed that the self-called Board of Unity (MUD) “has to solve their inclusion problem” in order to be able to join the dialogue table … they have an arduous path to travel that can strengthen or wear them out as happened with the first part”.