Maduro: We revolutionaries have made possible the rebirth of history

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro said that “27 years ago we saw in the people of Nicaragua a light”, thus he stressed from Nicaragua where were commemorated the 37 years of the victory of the Sandinista Revolution.

“The revolutions, we the revolutionaries, are the only ones who have made possible the rebirth of the deep history of our people, and are our revolutions the ones that have made possible the rebirthing of the union in Latin America,” he expressed.

He noted that these 37 years of the victory of the Sandinista Revolution “Can summarize two centuries of advances, setbacks, sometimes victories, sometimes the pain of defeat, but always the perseverance in the principles, in the dreams, inspired by the dreams of (Simon) Bolivar, of (Antonio José de) Sucre, of Francisco Morazán, then in the 20th century inspired by the dreams of Emiliano Zapata, of Pancho Villa, of Augusto César Sandino and so many others who raised the dignity of our Americas, of Farabundo Martí”.

“After the Cuban Revolution of 1959, 20 years after, Nicaragua hoisted his flag in 1979, and 20 years later Commander Hugo Chavez initiated the Bolivarian Revolution, which would be the revolution that will spearhead the 21st century towards the new socialism of the century, of the new lights”, said Maduro.

Similarly, he said that Venezuela is living a complex moment, before the coup d’ etat in Brazil, the threats against the Bolivarian Revolution, and aggression of the US empire against the union of the regional bloc.

Finally he added, “I want to make, on behalf of the people of Venezuela, and I am sure, on behalf of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, an acknowledgment to Commander President Daniel Ortega and to comrade Rosario Murillo for their loyalty, for their perseverance, for the continuity of the original flags of Sandino”.

The “Sandinista” term pays tribute to Augusto César Sandino, a famous character of Latin American history, who fought in the decade of the 1920’s and 1930’s in Nicaragua against the imperialist invasion approaching from the United States.