Maduro: We must activate the values of solidarity to confront the selfishness

Hace 2 años.

Through a telephone contact with the plenary of the Homeland Congress, Religious chapter, which took place on Wednesday at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, in its headquarters in Caracas, the President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro said it is time to activate the values of solidarity and shared work, to face all the negative values of individualism, selfishness and capitalism.

“From the deep values of God we say that Venezuela will not kneel (…) will not be subjected and will not give up. It is now when Venezuela grows in solidarity, love and national unity, “said the President.

He said that the Homeland Congress is a creation that must summon to anyone who believes and the ones who do not believe, “We must be able to connect with the feeling of hope that has the majority of our people,” said Maduro.

He also said that “hard times, of sacrifice and economic war” will be left as a great lesson for the country.