Maduro: We have taken a step to make the People’s Liberation Operation more efficient

Hace 1 año.

President Nicolás Maduro said that the concept assumed for the new phase of the People’s Liberation Operation (OLP), “Superior in quality, effectiveness and achievements, is the Humanist Liberation Operation of the People, the OLHP, which has 6 levels in its planning and execution phases. ”

This was stated by President Maduro during a meeting of the Security Council, held this Tuesday at Miraflores Palace, in Caracas.

“We have taken a step to reformulate and make more efficient the Operation of Liberation of the People, which have had a good experience”, said Maduro, adding that “if our people have demanded that the OLP comes to support them in their desperate calls against a crime, which transgresses the lives of the family and society”.

Regarding the level of approach of the community as a peace quadrant, the Head of State assumed: “We have failed. We have arrived with the first phases and then we abandon some communities and they remain naked before the aggression of the returning criminals … I assume self-criticism and criticism,  and this should not occur any more, “he said.