Maduro: We are in the best communicational moment for the truth of Venezuela

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, stressed this Monday that Venezuela is going through a favorable moment in the communicational scope, to defend the truth.

During the Homeland Congress, Communicators chapter, the Head of State added that the protagonists of this battle for independence are the journalists, onto whom he entrusted a work committed to the nation.

He stressed that in the international arena the Social Communication has no borders, and therefore it has on its favor the task of reaching a higher number of people and countries, especially through digital media.

“We must also show our weaknesses, our challenges, our problems; to show how a country that has a downfall on its oil exports by a 70%, maintains the social rights of its people”, said Maduro.

He highlighted the ethics, courage and morals of the journalists who defend the truth.