Maduro: To use the power of economy to make families suffer is a crime

Hace 2 años.

“To use the economy and the power of the economy to make the family and the neighbor suffer is a crime, it can not be considered otherwise” Thus was stated by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro from Vargas state, under the agenda of the Fishing Engine.

In that regard, he regretted that the system of economic war has led thousands of people to enter in that grinding of anti-values, to speculate, to steal from the neighbor and friend “, and so he asked how they can feel inside after the efforts made by so many people.

The President urged the Executive Cabinet, to the private entrepreneurs and the people to build an economic, distributive revolution, and regularize the entire new economic system. “Some believe it is to stabilize what already existed, but no, it is to transform it, is to change everything because Venezuela needs a great historical change in the economic model,” he said.

Finally, he thanked Minister Miguel Perez Abad for  all the honest work that he makes articulating the 14 engines every day, do not believe that this is an easy task”.