Maduro to the right wing: I will never give up, will go on with the Revolution

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro manifested on Wednesday during an event at the National Pantheon in rejection of interventionist decree by Barack Obama, that in all circumstances he will remain firm and on a fighting feet, defending the Bolivarian Revolution along with the people in civic-military union.

“I will never give up,  to whatever we might have to pass through, I will carry forward the legacy of Commander Chavez along with the people, along with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), today, tomorrow and forever, may the enemies know this” said the Head of State.

In this regard, he urged the people to join him in this fight, “I expect from you the same attitude, to hesitate is to lose (…). We must transform our values and assume that it is the responsibility of everyone to recover, to build the country”.

“It is true that we are in a complex, dangerous, risky stage. But it is a stage where are reaffirmed and created new values, where the peoples grow just as our people has grown throughout its history, with the love for the Homeland, with work”, said the President.

In relation to the rightwing and the bourgeoisie who want to take over the political power with destabilizing actions, he said one should not expect anything from them, despite their conspiracies and their psychological warfare. “We will do our job, to motivate, to unite, to work, to understand that the wealth of this country is made by ourselves”.