Maduro to right wing at the NA: I deplore the erratic course you have taken

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, rejected on Thursday the decision by the right wing in the National Assembly (AN), who denied the extension of 60 days of the Economic Emergency Decree, impulsed by the Government in January this year, in order to solve the economic situation in the country.

“The National Assembly (NA), has taken an erratic course, I deplore this. I have tended a thousand hands, but it seems that the agenda of individuals, of groups, the politicking agenda, the low-life agenda is being imposed, and the big picture is not seen, the country is not seen. I regret that the power they have circumstantially obtained is being misused, it has not been used to help the country, to unite ourselves for Venezuela, I’m sure this will have a blunt rejection by the public opinion”, detailed the Head of State.

Likewise he emphasized that the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), announced that the legal text is in force, “Because of the reasons there are to protect the country nationally and internationally,” said the president during a radio and television joint broadcast from Miraflores Palace, where he activated the National Plan of Reactivation of the Automotive Sector, and which featured entrepreneurs of this sector.