Maduro: This month will be remembered as the “Anti-Imperialist March”

Hace 2 años.

President Nicolas Maduro said that after meeting one year sine the issuance of the interventionist decree against Venezuela by the United States, this month will be remembered forever as the ” Anti Imperialist March”.

For that reason, he decreed March 9 as the Anti-Imperialism Day.

He also added that “Never before had anybody made the outburst of declaring this Homeland of liberators as a threat”, he also said the US empire has been, for two centuries, an interventionist, murderer empire.

The Head of State said that Venezuela represents the higher values of anti-imperialism and anti-hegemonism in the world.

This was stated from the National Pantheon, where was held the ceremony to ratify the anti-imperialist character of the Bolivarian Revolution.