Maduro: This is no time for traitors but of loyalty and confidence in the Homeland

Hace 2 años.

During his participation in the ceremony commemorating the revolutionary leader, Jorge Rodriguez, held at the Teresa Carreño Theater located in Caracas, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, called on the people to resist the onslaught of the economy and to advance in the projects to strengthen the economy in the country.

“Resisting, that’s the slogan, is the line of action of this whole revolutionary cycle. No time for treason or doubts, no time for doubting nor to backpedal, it’s time to fight, it’s time to move forward” stressed the head of state this Monday.

In this regard, he added, “I ask for the support of all revolutionaries, this is not a time for the treacherous nor for betrayals, this is a time for loyalty, perseverance, struggle, moral, confidence in the country.”

He also said that in the Revolutionary Government there is no pact with the bourgeoisie and capitalism, and therefore he reiterated the importance of supporting the Great Mission Sovereign Supply.

“We are just beginning this deployment to achieve the Governability of the economy in the productive, distributive processes, those are our tasks, to build something new on the moral basis, based on a large project that the revolutionaries have paid for years for their resistance “said the President.