Maduro: They will not make Telesur dissapear

Hace 2 años.

Foto: VTV
Foto: VTV

President Nicolas Maduro said that “They will not makeTelesur disappear”, so he affirmed during the meeting of the Vice Presidents council, held at Miraflores Palace in Caracas.

The Head of State, warned that, against the actions of the rightist Government of Argentina, which announced to withdraw the signal of Telesur in the South American country, this television station will continue broadcasting the truth of all peoples; also, he recalled that this media was created by the Commander Hugo Chavez.

“Telesur will continue bringing the truth, defending the true freedom of expression of peoples, against this onslaught of the right wing emboldened in their fifteen minutes”, said on Monday, after a meeting held with the Vice Presidents Council in the “Sol del Peru” Hall at Miraflores Palace.

President Maduro stressed that through alternative routes, such as the Internet, the Argentine people will continue being informed of the truth through Telesur, of the events that occur on the continent and in the world.

“Telesur will not disappear. If they prohibit it in Argentina, millions of Argentineans will be over the Internet, through the social networks (…) but they are not going to make Telesur disappear, nor get it out of Argentina”, he said.