Maduro demands right wing for transparency in the collection of signatures for referendum

Hace 2 años.

“For every counterfeited signature, a guaranteed demand,” said President Nicolas Maduro referring the infeasibility of the process of revoking referendum by the use of false signatures and the breach of deadlines in the legislation that makes the right wing in an attempt to create more discontent among Venezuelans.

During a press conference with journalists from national and international media, held this Tuesday in the Ayacucho Hall of Miraflores Palace in Caracas, the President explained that the process that is making the right wing to activate the referendum has some rules that must be fulfilled according to the law.

“I demand the right wing for transparency in the collection of signatures”, said the Head of State in a call for peace and respect for the Constitution against the attempts by sectors of the opposition to destabilize the country using non-compliance with the requirements of the deadlines or falsification of data collected in order to cause violence.

In his statement, the President recalled that if the leaders of the right wing had true intentions to convene the option of a referendum to revoke his mandate, they should have begin negotiations on January 11 this year and collect legitimate signatures, however they did nor, because what they actually want is to provoke a coup d’ etat that forces a foreign intervention.

“All referenda are an option, not an obligation, they have legal mechanisms to be activated, can either be activated through the President of the Republic, the National Assembly, or through a collection of signatures supervised by the Electoral Power in order not to be a fraud. Referendums of any kind in Venezuela should meet certain requirements, and they (the right wing) have not met them”, he said.

Finally the head of state added that: “I said it in February, I said it in April and I say it in May I; none of the options that has announced the right wing to end the Revolution has a historical political viability, and none of them will succeed. Today we can say that, out of the 10 options they have already launched, at least eight have failed”, he said, by quoting the amendment, the request for resignation and the dismissal.