Maduro requested public hearing for usurpation of powers by the directors of the NA

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro spoke on Thursday to the judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), which granted the application to settle the conflict between the National Executive and Legislative powers, and instructed the Chancellor of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, to explain to the people the scope of this opinion and to show the evidences in relation to the damage that the right wing has been exercising against the people, by pretending to undermine the national sovereignty with a foreign interference.

“I presented this shelter resource before the Supreme Court, because Henry Ramos Allup, the National Assembly and other spokesmen, usurped constitutional functions that give me full power and the single authority to represent the voice of the country in the world and conduct the international relations. That power is only had by the Head of state and they usurped that when they went to the Organization of American States (OAS), to ask the interventionist Democratic Charter against Venezuela, that’s a felony”, said the Head of State from Miraflores Palace on a national radio and television joint.

The President added that besides going to the OAS, the right wing has gone to foreign governments and agencies to ask them to attack Venezuela, to block it, to intervene it, thus falling into the crime of treason to the Homeland. “As we took the battle to the OAS and international scenarios, we’ll win the sovereignty here in our territory.”

In this regard, he announced that with this decision will go to a historic trial, and said he expects to be a public trial so that the people know the reality of the terrible damage the opposition does to the country from the parliament.

“We will always go to the Constitutional authorities for justice in the country to be made, there will be justice, but the road is constitutional,” said the National President.