Maduro: Ramos Allup has brought parliamentary work to its lowest

Hace 2 años.

If a balance is made of the National Assembly in the last six months, that institution has meant a sad setback, because its president Henry Ramos Allup has brought the parliamentary work to its lowest. Thus was denounced by President Nicolas Maduro.

In his view, that institution, has fallen into a hole, he also said that Allup has acted obsessively to hurt the country, he also recalled that on January 17 he visited the National Assembly and invited them to create the Commission for Truth,, and the opposition parliamentarians did not wanted (to do it), he also added that they refused to support the Economic Emergency Decree, among other proposals.

For the Head of State, the right wing refuses to talk, and the reason why is that they do not want peace, “The National Assembly has done nothing for the people, they only disturb and harm” he said.

Finally he noted that in Venezuela will not intervene the Organization of American States (OAS), and likewise he called on the people to continue fighting to anyone that conspires against the country.

The information was provided through Venezolana de Television and in a telephone contact during an activity held in Monagas state.