Maduro qualified amnesty law as aberrant and criminal and calls for a national debate

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, qualified on Wednesday as “abhorrent and criminal” the Amnesty Law, while convened a great national debate to discuss the serious consequences of such text approved by the parliamentary right wing this Tuesday.

“Yesterday they approved, at a second reading, a law that never ever had been approved in Venezuela, called by them as “Amnesty…”, and it is the most criminal (law) that has been ever approved in the country (…) I call for a great national debate in all Community Councils, in the universities, for our people to open their eyes on the abhorrent and criminal law passed by the National Assembly yesterday”, said the Venezuelan head of state from the Ezequiel Zamora Park, also known as “El Calvario”, located in Caracas.

“I wonder if that law of criminal impunity (is the one that) will lead us to consolidate peace and the recovery of Venezuela (…) Who does this law benefits?, To the people of Venezuela, or to those who ordered to kill it in 2014?” said Maduro.

Meanwhile, the head of the Parliamentary Homeland Bloc, Hector Rodriguez, said the Venezuelan right wing in the Assembly “Has not made a single useful proposal for the Venezuelans, what they have done all these months is fighting to get their thugs, murderers and corrupt out (of prison)”.

“What they have done is not to defend the people’s interests, but taking their corrupt people out of prison, but they will remain imprisoned” stressed Rodriguez.