Maduro: Petrocaribe has boosted the economic and social development

Hace 2 años.

In its first 10 years of operation, PETROCARIBE has driven the economic and social development of the peoples of the nations that make it.

This was said on Saturday by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, who also explained that there is a great challenge for the region, not only in energy diversity, but also on the diversification of the same.

During his participation in the 7th Summit of the Association of Caribbean States, he also assured that “No one can doubt that Petrocaribe is the backbone of social development, of the economic, fiscal, financial stability and energy security.”

The President is accompanied by Minister of Petroleum and Mining, Eulogio del Pino; the vice President of economics, Miguel Perez Abad; the Vice President forPlanning, Ricardo Menendez; the Minister of Communication and Information, José Luis Marcano; the Venezuelan Chancellor, Delcy Rodríguez and the President of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), Nelson Merentes.