Maduro: Petro reinforces the independence and economic sovereignty of Venezuela

Hace 4 semanas.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stressed that while in the world new technologies are widening the gap between rich and poor, in Venezuela we are forging a technological revolution with a true socialist dimension, which allows the extension of social protection programs to all Venezuelan families.

“The Petro will generate new economic resources for the care and attention of the most vulnerable people and society as a whole. The Petro makes possible one of the fundamental ideals of the socialist revolution: that the natural riches of the country must always be at the service of its legitimate owner, the people of Venezuela”, said the National President in a joint radio and television broadcast.

He indicated that those who wish to seize Venezuela’s natural resources today suffer a new defeat, and the Venezuelan people will demonstrate that the effort to put oil and natural resources at the disposal of the National Development and social equality, is the center of thought and action of the Bolivarian Revolution promoted by Commander Hugo Chávez.

“The Petro reinforces our independence and economic sovereignty, and will allow us to fight against the foreign greed that tries to suffocate the Venezuelan families to seize our oil. The Petro will allow us to access the products that Venezuela needs by skipping the colonialist empire of the dollar”, he said.

He stressed that Venezuela has an appointment with victory and progress: “We are sowing to pick up a beautiful harvest, a new economy in the hands of all and everyone”.