Maduro: Opposition wants to obstruct elections because they are lost

Hace 4 semanas.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, warned on Wednesday that factors of the Venezuelan opposition intend to obstruct the presidential elections because they know that they are lost in the national political map.

“The real truth is that the leadership of the Adeco (*)-bourgeois National Assembly and the MUD are turning their backs on the country, completely disconnected from the real needs of our people. The truth is that they want to obstruct everything that would mean elections because they are lost, because the people turned their backs on them too”, said the Nresident during statements to the national press.

He stressed that the current Electoral Power is the same with which they (the right wing) were elected as deputies, as well as the electoral, technical, auditing and transparency conditions, “now even improved”.

He also pointed out that in compliance with the peace agreement made in the Dominican Republic, the whole world is being summoned to come and supervise the electoral process.

“The MUD is afraid because they lose all the elections, so let’s go measure ourselves, we are going to the elections”, he said.

He asserted that Venezuela needs a new National Assembly that works for the country, and for this reason he proposed the advancement of the parliamentary elections for April 22.

(*) Refers to anything or anyone belonging to the Acción Democrática (rightwing) political party.