Maduro: Only an obsessed and oligarchic minority is into a violence agenda

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, affirmed on Tuesday night that only an obsessed and oligarchic minority is permanently making an agenda for violence, contrary to a 99 percent of Venezuelans who are committed to prosperity, peace and happiness.

“There is an agenda that is known, which is seen, which is public, desperate, full of anguish, full of madness, of wanting to get out to burn whatever it may be already!” said the Head of State during his program “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro) broadcast from Miraflores Palace in Caracas.

In this regard, he manifested that part of said madness was evidenced on Tuesday in Miranda state, in the Baruta municipality, “A total madness, which goes from comic to tragic.”

The President emphasized that there are images of those who have an agenda: the backwardness of the country, “There are the faces, their first and last names, so there must be an action by the Public Prosecution, you can not go around calling for violence, challenging and disobeying the law”.

He insisted on the call for peace and national unity in order to address any issues that may arise in the life of the country, the region and the planet. “I call on the people to face the agenda of violence, street by street, house by house, in order to win the peace, centimeter by centimeter of the Homeland, it is the most important call that we have to make all Venezuelans on ourselves”.

Finally, he asked the Judiciary Power to work with the law in hand and very firmly to capture, prosecute, imprison and punish all factors of violence that are being activated day by day.