Maduro: Obama’s decree seeks to restore imperialist domination

Hace 2 años.

The Venezuelan people, firmly standing up will mobilize against the interventionist executive order by Barack Obama, denouncing at international agencies this new attack against the homeland, “But let no one distract us from the main effort that is the economy, we must hold the line, nothing and nobody will deflect us, not even Obama”,  said on Thursday night President Nicolas Maduro.

During a televised contact to participate in the “La Politica en el Divan” (Politics in the Divan)  program, broadcast by Venezolana de Television, he said that, to whom the decree has stained, without any doubt, is to the US president, who had no need to extend it.

He said that Obama’s decree, the media and judicial coup against Lula Da Silva, and other events that seek to end with the progressive governments in Latin America, are part of a geopolitical-global offensive to restore the imperialist domination by the US and the internal allied oligarchies of each country on the continent.

In this regard, the Head of State demanded President Obama to respect, assuring that he will reject any interventionist action by the United States against Venezuela or any other country of Latin America, noting that there is a conspiracy by the United States

Finally, he called on the people of Venezuela for the calm and peace of the nation, while questioning the actions taken by some opposition political leaders who make up the National Assembly, who in his opinion have given their backs to the people before Obama’s decree.